Arabic Kodi Addons – How to Watch Arabic TV and Movies on Kodi

English-language Kodi addons take center stage the platform, but there are a couple of addons which really bring the best out of Arabic TV and movies. We’ve scoured through literally dozens of Kodi addons, filtering out the trash from the treasures. The outcome? A short but sweet list of some of the best Arabic Kodi addons. Below you’ll see which addons you can reliably turn to for great Arabic content, and one you’ll want to avoid.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known toreceive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV showsthrough various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It’s also worth adding that buying a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

Research Methods

Arabic content is really easy to find on Kodi. However, working Arabic content is a different story. In order to find great Arabic Kodi Addons for TV and movie viewing, we made use of the following methods:

  • Online web searches
  • Searches through popular TV and movie add-ons
  • Searches through super-repositories for more obscure add-ons
  • Searches through community forum posts

Given our Kodi experience, we know a few addons off hand that delivered the goods. In testing them, we found out that they indeed have the content we expected them to. We also did a deep dive into popular super repositories and tested our over a dozen obscure addons you likely haven’t heard off. It was through this testing that we found onenotable gem that we list below..

We’ve broken up the article into three sections: Popular Addons, Obscure Addons, andThe Addon to Avoid. The first section includes popular addons, while the Obscure Addons section has one addon that we tested, Shahid Arabic, which was about as impressive an addon as it gets. The final section, The Addon to Avoid, might surprise you — but we give a very good reason to backing mentioning it.

Popular Arabic Kodi Addons


You can find our SportsDevil installation guide here.

The good thing at SportsDevil is that you can use it for more than just sports. SportsDevil has a “Live TV” section with a list of sites scraping live TV content. Oneof those, ShadowNet.ro, is pretty much a godsend for anyone looking for live TVchannels from non-English speaking countries. Here, you’ll come across a healthy listing ofArabic TV channels from across the Arabic-speaking world. In our testing, we found that these channels load up quickly and do deliver content in Arabic. The selection isa bit sadly limited here, however, so you may not want to make this your top option. That said, this is a good option to tack on as it does provide access to a few channels.

cCloud TV

You can find our cCloud TV installation guide here.

cCloud TV is one of the best live TV addons out there. You can find greatcontent across the board here. But when it comes to Arabic channels, we were actually very surprised by just how many options you’ll find. You can find a long list of Arabicchannels under the “International” TV section, although the fastest way to access these is to go to the “Search” section and type in “Arabic”. Doing so will unveil the very long list of Arabic channels — over 70 over them, in fact. This is likely only rivaled by the English and Spanish channels, which have over 400 and over 200, respectively. You’ll find a very, very wide range of options for your Arabic channelshere as well, from news to entertainment.


You can find our Castaway installation guide here.

Castaway may be (mostly) dead, but its live TV scraping still works. The only siteyou’ll find of interest here is the same one you’ll find with SportsDevil: ShadowNet.ro. You might want to download Castaway just to get access toShadowNet.ro from another source, but it might not be that required. As Castaway isno longer getting supported from the developer (at least, as of the past several months), you may want to just keep this one in the back burner and opt to utilize SportDevil’s options instead. Still, we wanted to do our due diligence and make sure you know it’s there.

Obscure Arabic Kodi Addon

Shahid Arabic

You can easily install Shahidic Arabic using the Fusion Installer. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  • Click on Add-ons

  • Click on “Install from repository”

  • Locate and click on Shahid Addon Repository

  • Click on Video add-ons

  • Click on and install Shahid Arabic

Wow. That’s pretty much the word that best illustrates this shockingly well-developed andfully-functional addon. We’ll let you do most of the exploring on this one but will leave you with our general impression. Shahid Arabic pretty much has everything. LiveTV, TV on-demand, movies. It has them all. They load fast and everything isincredibly well organized. You can even select TV channels based on country of origin. That’s a rarity even in English-language addons. Consider Shahid Arabic like an Arabicversion of cCloud TV. We may not speak Arabic around here but trust us. If we did, this would be the addon we turn to day in and day out for a large amount of our content viewing.

The Addon to Avoid


This small note here is just a general warning about Exodus. For most intents andpurposes, Exodus is a great addon. That’s why it’s one of the most popular addonswithin the Kodi community. This is why we were so bitterly disappointed when we tried this one out. Exodus features an “Arabic” subsection within its movies category. However, unlike other languages we’ve tried on Exodus, the Arabic section just did not live up to expectations at all. We tried out a random sampling of the 41 movieslisted there, and not one of them were actually in Arabic. Granted, there are a few movies that might appeal specifically to Arabic audiences, but most of the movieslisted here are American movies in English. For the most part, the Arabic section inExodus really has no reason to exist in its current state. For the Exodus devs: If you’re reading this, we love your addon. Please have a look at this section.

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