Affordable Golden Corral Buffet Price For Everyone

Everyone loves to eat delicious. But no one likes to pay much for food. In this occasion, try the Golden Corral buffet price lunch which will surely satisfy everyone.

Golden Corral is a group of restaurants performed in American style. There are about 100 locations across the US and every of them is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you cannot have lunch at home or want to eat with friends or colleges in a nice place, you should choose this restaurant.

The first thing that you will like it a wide variety of dishes on the menu. In addition, such great choice of food provides a selection of food prices. Therefore, everyone can take a meal that loves without overpaying while doing so.

The lunch period in the Golden Corral is from 11 am to 4 pm every day except Sunday. You will be happy to know that the lunch costs only .69.

Of course, you can try Catering Package. It is food that you take to get out and eat outside. There some kinds of BBQ dishes. Prices are reasonable and range from .25 to .00.

Golden Corral is also a place for families with kids. The Kids Buffet offers different deserts (cakes, pies, ice cream) which are divided by age. Children under 3 years old eat for free.

NOTE: Sometimes a menu and open hours can vary depending on the location of the restaurants. To find out a correct information you should visit the website of the Golden Corral.

The staff of each location is reliable and aware of every dish. So, in case you have allergy you can ask them to avoid problems.

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Westcoast & AOR
Rick Bowles

Cover: Free For The Evening Free For The Evening

Release Year: 1982
Label: Polydor
Country: USA
Produced by Ted Daryll

Robert Byrne, Tom Wolk, Nicky Moroch, Rick Bowles: Guitars
Tom Wolk: Bass
Richard Putman: Piano
Ted Daryll: Synthesizer
Andy Newmark, Brandon Barnes, Bob Ryley: Drums
Pancho Ramon, Ray Bardani: Percussion
Robert Byrne, Brandon Barnes, Kim Carlson: Background Vocals

CD Release: 1991; Label: Polydor; Country: Japan;

Your comments about this record:

This is perfect 80's Westcoast in the vein of Bill LaBounty, Robbie Dupree and Tom Snow. A classic album - and very hard to find! By the way, I have a short story for you: I was searching for this album for years and finally I made it and won it on ebay (thanks to Gabriel Raya, the seller ;-). A few days later I got an E-Mail from...guess who?... from Mr. Rick Bowles personally! He asked me if I would sell this copy to him, cause he didn't own it himself and he was searching for it for some time. Funny experience... and of course: I didn't sell it. ;-) I wonder if he got it from someone in the meantime...

Would be great if one of the japanese labels would make a reissue of this album.

I'm related to one of the musicians on "Free for the Evening." I think it's awful that Dirk wouldn't sell the album to Rick Bowles. I have also been trying to find this album for my relative, who also does not have a copy because he was kind enough to give his last copy to a fan. And I don't know what "West Coast" music is, but the artists from this album are native to the East Coast and that is where the album was recorded.

rick bowles is very very talented. my name was put on the album by rick on fool again although he did the writing i had written a song id love to be your fool again where the idea came from find me thanks great album.

I was an on air personality at WROQ in Charlotte, NC in the mid 80's, When Rick and became friends. Over the years we have lost touch, it's easy to do in radio as you tend to move around a lot. I have been in Atlanta for the past 10 years, and recently pulled out the old vinyl... I forgot what memories where attached to this album. Rick I hope you are doing well!

After reading this thread I decided to look for the album again. I found a copy at and as of this writing, there are some other copies still there.


I went to high school in NC with the girl on the album cover who dated Mr. Bowles. I could have had a copy but stupidly didn't get one.

I was a faithful follower/fan of Rick's way back to the seventies and early eighties during the days of the Boar's Head. I continued to listen to Rick's albums regularly until I finally had them transferred to CD. His music never grows old and his lyrics still move me. Thank you Rick for all the joy you have given me throughout the years with your music. I hope you are well, happy, and very successful. (I used to be Sheree Beard.)

I live next door to Mr. Bowles. He is a nice quite neighbor.

Where is Rick now? I knew him from way back, when he played at the cottage restaurant

I love this album! My college friend was working in a record store when this album came out. The titles had him intrigued and he thought of me ("Mr. Right"). Before he gave it to me he listened to it and thought I would like it. He was right, it's one of my favorites of all time. Recently my husband was going through our album collection and came across it. I told him he could get rid of everything else (you can find it on Itunes or CD) but he was forbidden to get rid of my Rick Bowles! Like everyone else, this is a great album and it has brings back wonderful memories for me. Rick, if you ever read this, thank you.

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