Affordable Golden Corral Buffet Price For Everyone

Everyone loves to eat delicious. But no one likes to pay much for food. In this occasion, try the Golden Corral buffet price lunch which will surely satisfy everyone.

Golden Corral is a group of restaurants performed in American style. There are about 100 locations across the US and every of them is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you cannot have lunch at home or want to eat with friends or colleges in a nice place, you should choose this restaurant.

The first thing that you will like it a wide variety of dishes on the menu. In addition, such great choice of food provides a selection of food prices. Therefore, everyone can take a meal that loves without overpaying while doing so.

The lunch period in the Golden Corral is from 11 am to 4 pm every day except Sunday. You will be happy to know that the lunch costs only .69.

Of course, you can try Catering Package. It is food that you take to get out and eat outside. There some kinds of BBQ dishes. Prices are reasonable and range from .25 to .00.

Golden Corral is also a place for families with kids. The Kids Buffet offers different deserts (cakes, pies, ice cream) which are divided by age. Children under 3 years old eat for free.

NOTE: Sometimes a menu and open hours can vary depending on the location of the restaurants. To find out a correct information you should visit the website of the Golden Corral.

The staff of each location is reliable and aware of every dish. So, in case you have allergy you can ask them to avoid problems.

Those who want to win 00 prizes every day. To do it you must participate in satisfaction survey and answer some questions.

Westcoast & AOR
Rolf Graf

Cover: The Boy Next Door The Boy Next Door

Release Year: 1985
Label: Mariann Records
Country: Norway
Produced by Rolf Graf, Sverre E. Henriksen

LP only!

Rolf Graf: Lead Vocals
Egil Eldøen: Lead Vocals (Track 1 & 3)
Tor Endresen: Lead Vocals (Track 2)
Frank Ådahl: Lead Vocals (Track 3)
Alixzandra: Lead Vocals (Track 8)
Henrik Janson, Svein Dag Hauge, Rolf Graf, Ståle Rasmussen: Guitars
Rolf Graf: Bass
Rolf Graf, Peter Ljung, Geir Langslet: Synthesizers
Rolf Graf, Peter Ljung, Eivind Fivesdal: Programming
Per Lindvall, Per Hillestad: Drums
Per Hillestad, Renate Allsing, Rolf Graf: Percussion
Sigurd Køhn: Saxophone
Rolf Graf, Ståle Rasmussen, Amund Enger, David Chocron, Anita Skorgan, Egil Eldøen, Frank Ådahl, Solfrid Stene, Berit Lohne Johnsen, Tove Rødde, Per Øystein Sørensen, Håkon Iversen: Background Vocals

Your comments about this record:

Bring out this album as a CD by now! Pleeeeaaassse! Of course, more cool hi tech 80s pop than WC, but I like it so much.

I love the song Shine. I have a 12' single of it with Walk right in on the other side (another good song from this album). I would love a cd version. Especially that song shine.

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