Westcoast & AOR

Marc Jordan

A Hole In The Wall A Hole In The Wall

Release Date: 1983
Label: Sound Design
Country: US
Produced by Marc Jordan, Don Murry

Jay Graydon, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Robben Ford: Guitars
Mike Porcaro, Neil Stubenhaus: Bass
David Foster, Ian Underwood, Robbie Buchanan, Michael Boddicker: Keyboards
Mike Baird: Drums
Lenny Castro: Percussion
David Boruff, Ernie Watts: Saxophone
Jerry Hey: Horns Arrangements
Richard Page, Steve George: Background Vocals

CD Release 1999

CD Release: 1993, 1999 & 2005;
Label: Sound Design & 3d;
Country: Japan;

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Your comments about this record:

Marc Jordan is one of my all-time favourite artists. This is a very good Jap-only ultra-smooth westcoast release, but pales next to the follow-up "Talking In Pictures" album which was a monster release. If you haven't bought his solo stuff before then the compilation "Living in Marina Del Rey" is the place to start, but westcoast fans need to have mega-classic "C.O.W" and it's nearly-as-brilliant follow-up "This is How Men Cry" from 1992.

Marc's finest (along with Mannequin, the songs on Blue Desert just aren't good enough even though the sound is typical westcoast). This is a must-have for all WC-fans.

This album is packed with true, smooth Pages-grooves (i.e. Margarita) with Page and Steve George doing the backing vocals. Great, great stuff!

Marc Jordan -A Hole In TheWall 1983 Produced by Marc Jordan and Don Murry Masterpiece tunes like "Dance With Me", "Slipping Away" and "Hold On". The melancholic lyrics and depht are there throughout the album. The combination of Marc Jordan’s great talents in composing and especially songlyrics combined with great compers as David Foster, Steve Kipner and Jay Graydon this album couldn’t go wrong. A wonderful “mowtown-ish” song "Where Did We Go Wrong?". A superb record and Jordan’s finest work. Recommended: Pages (1981), Peter Allen: Bi-Coastal 5/5

This is a good album, not great but good.Some standout cuts like "Thieves" "Dance With Me " and "She Used To Be My World" Great guitar solo by Luke on that one . I once heard that Marc called the album "A Hole In My Head" and referred to it beeing done during a difficult period of his life.

This is easily one of the best 10 westcoast albums ever. Smooth and smart, i love the title song and "slipping away". Simply sit and enjoy listening this jewel.

I have already written a review of this one,but I have to take back all I said before.I called it a "good album, good but not great". Please forgive me.How stupid am I ?? Well, you be the judge !!The hole in the head is in my head.I have now listened to the album for a couple of days, and surely rediscovered it.THIS IS NOTHING BUT A MASTERPIECE. The sound is a bit flat but the songs are nothing but genius. Please forgive my first review.I will think twice before I write the next time !

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