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great site, thanks for keeping this music alive (and in our hearts)... some of the best music ever, if not THE best :D

Hi guys out there! I hope that You as I, have discovered the great Swedish high quality artist Andreas Aleman and his brilliant Debut-CD "This Is Life". Pure Westcoast with a gospel-touch! Listen to it and read more about it at his own web site www.andreasaleman.com His CD has got great reviews from well etablished artists as for example Nils Landgren, Björn Skifs & Frank Ådahl! This is a REAL masterpeiece production for You guys out there that STILL miss those days when Michael Ruff was REAL good and funky, and for You who like good music from great favourite artists like Michael McDonald, Nils Landgren, Edin Ådahl, Tower Of Power, Frank Ådahl, etc. Discover Andreas Aleman You too, and I can asure You that You will be me VERY thankful for the musical tip! His CD can also be found in well assorted record shops in Sweden.../Regards Björn Söderqvist, Malmö, Sweden

Comment: Hi! I\'m Looking For MARC JORDAN & CLIF MAGENSS PROJECT(demo) Please Help Me!!! Best regards Masashi

Happy New year to You and all You others ourt there! And keep up the good work to Your great web site! And to all You visitors out there: Let's stick together and write some more reviews on this great web site! Take Care!/All The Best Regards Bjärn Söderqvist, Malmoe, Sweden.

Hi westcoast friends. I am currently looking for the cd Bugatti and Muskar - The Dukes cd. Please help me. thanks bob

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