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Yes, now it’s time to come clean... my name is Martin Buechele, I live in a country which has a great tradition in music, many mountains but no kangaroos! My address is Achengasse 4/30, 1210 Vienna in Austria which is in the center of Europe. My email address is: [email protected]. I run this site without any commercial background, just for the love of music. At least until somebody comes along to pay me good money for it…

Idea, design and graphical realisation: Martin Buechele www.buechelegrafik.at
Rule of thumb for this site is: ’I’m doing this for myself!’ Whenever I’m in the mood, I’m going to put up (more and more) artists on this site, but without any time−based concept and intentions. Maybe you will have a hard time tracking down some of the albums as they are rarities, but relax there also ones which are still available in exchange for money. But do you really want that? What kind of freak are you anyway, who buys CDs in distant countries for good money when you can purchase the latest Madonna record in the store around the corner? I don’t care − whatever pleases you. I admit, in order to live out the apostate side of my self I will post 2 one−minute soundbytes for each reviewed album on the site. This, certainly, is especially bitter if you like the songs but know at the same time there’s no chance to get a hold of it. Yes, for this kind of satisfaction as well as some kind of therapy for myself, I’m runnin’ this site − better than seeing a therapist.
Oh yes, to all artists as well as record bosses and executives! Please don’t sue me because of the soundbytes or the artwork. Chances are, even though I can hardly imagine it, that some people will like what they hear and therefore start buying the records. Which means: Additional money and income for you! − and that’s because of me. So please relax and kick back! Don´t unleash the fury on me, and watch your dogs. Better think about paying me a good cut…


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